Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been coming to Dr. Wexler for many years. Previous to coming, I was told by an orthopedic specialist that I would be in a wheelchair within 5 years. Dr. Wexler told me that if I received chiropractic treatment, I wouldn't end up in a wheelchair. It has been 15 years since and I am not in a wheel chair!"

- K.T.

"I had been suffering from back pain for some time before I was referred to Wexler Chiropractic. My first visit at the office was very pleasant. Everyone was extremely polite and caring. My back feels so much better. Dr. Wexler and his team are great. They're wonderful individuals and I will recommend this practice to anyone."

- S.K.

"I came to Dr. Wexler after him visiting my work and giving free 5-minute massages. At that time, I suffered from very frequent and painful migraines. Stress led to tension of the neck muscles which pulled on my spine which lead to more tension giving me headaches most often leading to migraines, causing me more stress and the cycle continued. Dr. Wexler looked at my x-rays, came up with a treatment plan and after a few visits, I noticed a difference. It wasn't a miracle cure after one visit as one would wish and dream about, but rather a slow and steady progress. Just what is needed after a very long time of not giving myself the respect and treatment needed for my neck. At this time, I feel still stressed due to life's events and work, but much better as the migraines are few and far between. Dr. Wexler is not only a great chiropractor, but also a king and caring person, and so is his staff. I recommend Dr. Wexler whenever I meet someone in need of chiropractic help."

- T.M.

"If it wasn't for a wonderful friend who recommended me to Dr. Wexler, I would still be suffering from continued back pain. The first day I arrived I was bent over, could not stand, sit or lay down; the pain was unbearable. Today I am walking correctly. No more back pain or discomfort at all. I continue with once a month maintenance. Dr. Wexler not only is a great doctor, he is a wonderful man."

- B.P.

"There isn't enough to say about Dr. Wexler. My physician recommended me a chiropractor by the name of Richard Wexler. It so happened that he is the chiropractor of my two daughters. I had an unbearable pain in my shoulder blade that would not let up for a second. Unbelievably after my first treatment with Dr. Wexler, it let up. Since then, I have been keeping up with my treatments and am making progress every visit."

- C.L.

"At forty years old, I could barely walk and had to use a cane. I had severe back pain most of the time. Seeing Dr. Wexler for chiropractic care was the best decision I even made. Prior to seeing Dr. Wexler, I had exhausted all other avenues of traditional and alternative therapies to correct a severe back problem and to control pain. I had an unfounded fear of chiropractic care. Dr. Wexler takes a very gentle approach to work closely with his patients to alleviate any fear and pain. He is a caring doctor who's first concern is his patients and their well-being. I now am able to walk without a cane and have begun to exercise. My pain is under control. I owe it all to Dr. Wexler and his chiropractic care."

- P.V.

"I used to come with my dad when I was little and I absolutely loved everything about coming. I would beg my dad to go to Dr. Rick's office all the time. Once I got older and my dance life increased, my back and hip started having problems. Soon I found myself coming for my own treatments. At one point, I was coming three times a week so that my back could be adjusted. Thankfully my back has improved and now I come once a week. Dr. Wexler's office has always been extremely nice and welcoming and I enjoy coming."

- M.L.


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